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76mm ID Orion Telescope Tube Rings
Set of two cast-aluminum telescope tube rings with quick-release, hinged clamp knobs and felt lining
Tube rings allow you to securely attach a telescope optical tube to a mount and tripod
Sold in sets of two rings with mounting bolts and washers are included
One telescope tube ring has 1/4"-20 piggyback camera adapter; the other has a threaded 1/4"-20 socket
Inside tube ring diameter is 76mm

$ 813.00(IVA incl.) Añadir


Orion 105mm ID Pair of Guide Scope Rings
Two cast-metal rings designed to hold dedicated guide scopes up to 80mm in aperture for guided astrophotography pursuits
Each ring features three alignment screws for precise alignment of guide scope with telescope used for astrophotography
Interior diameter of each guide scope ring is 105mm - using with guide scopes up to 80mm provides ample alignment adjustment range
Non-marring nylon alignment screws will not scratch guide scope finish during alignment adjustments
Rings attach to guide scope ring mounting plate

$ 700.00(IVA incl.) Añadir
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